WHY SOLAR? Harness the power of the Sun

Solar power is an abundant source of energy that can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaics (PV). The energy of the sun (solar radiation) is captured by solar panels, an array of solar cells. With the advancements in solar technology coupled with the improvements in solid-state lighting, commercial and industrial applications can now realize the benefits of solar lighting. Hubbell Lighting is committed to providing innovative and sustainable lighting solutions which offset the rise in energy costs and our impact on the environment.

Hubbell Outdoor and Spaulding Lighting offer sustainable solar powered lighting solutions for area/site, roadway, floodlighting, pathway and wall/ceiling applications using the most popular luminaires. The available products include: Roadway LED, Cimarron area/site LED, Laramie LFS flood LED, Euroluxe® LED, Laredo LED wallpack and Tempe LED bollards. These solar powered lighting solutions offer an environmentally friendly “clean energy” solution to lighting with the potential benefits of receiving special incentives for renewable projects.

Solar powered lighting features and benefits

  • Solar powered lighting offers an environmentally friendly solution to lighting
  • Security, navigation and identification lighting for areas where grid tied power may be inaccessible, unreliable or too costly
  • No trenching
  • No wires
  • No electric bills
  • Funding may exist in certain areas for renewable projects
  • Solar powered lighting system can be portable

Hubbell Lighting is pleased to partner with Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO) to provide the most energy efficient and sustainable solar lighting solutions in the market.

LED TECHNOLOGY Energy-efficient solid state lighting

Hubbell Lighting Solar powered fixtures feature superior designed high brightness LED systems, providing optimal optical performance while reducing energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs. These optical lenses are designed to distribute light where it is needed and comply with standard IES lighting distributions.

THE SYSTEM Integrated solar electric power assemblies

  • Energy-efficient solid state lighting fixture for variety of applications

  • +
  • Solar panel with self-contained electrical power assemblies – 5 to 340w

  • +
  • Round Straight Steel (RSS) and Round Straight Aluminum (RSA) construction poles available

  • =
  • Complete solar lighting solution with instant sustainable off-grid power source

PRODUCTS Solar lighting application solutions



CR1 LED Solar 12V DC

  • Decorative die-cast aluminum area/site luminaire
  • 30 LED light engine
  • 2700 - 4600 lumens standard
  • 4000, 5000K
  • IES Type II, III, IV, V
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RM LED Solar 12V DC

  • Traditional die-cast aluminum roadway luminaire
  • 30 LED light engine
  • 2600 - 4600 lumens standard
  • 4000K, 5000K
  • IES Type II, III, IV, V
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Laramie LFS 12V DC

Laramie LFS Solar 12V DC

  • LED flood, die-cast construction with decorative styling
  • NEMA 6x6, 4x4, 1x1 beams
  • 950 lumens – 13.5w
  • 494 max CBCP
  • 5000K
  • 70 LPW nominal
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Laramie LCC 12V DC

Laredo LCC Solar 12V DC

  • LED wallpack, die-cast construction with decorative styling
  • 12 LED system
  • 820 lumens – 12.8w
  • Compact full cut-off
  • 5000K
  • 3x spacing
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Euroluxe® 12V DC

Euroluxe® Solar 12V DC

  • 6 LED system
  • 923 lumens – 15w
  • Multiple Styles – Lens only, guard or shield
  • 5000K
  • 3x spacing
  • Bronze or White
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Tempe LED Bollards

Tempe LED Solar Bollards

  • Decorative round or square cast top with tamper resistant hardware
  • 31w and 62w LED systems
  • Rotatable LED assembly
  • 12 or 24 high brightness LED systems
  • 3500K, 5000K
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Ceiling mount application performance

The Hubbell Outdoor Euroluxe® 12V DC wall/ceiling mount fixture utilizes energy saving LEDs and improved uniformity.

Fixture: Hubbell Outdoor Euroluxe® 12V DC
Mounting Height: 9 ft
Lumens: 923
IES file: BRLD01.IES

Wall mount application performance

The Hubbell Outdoor Laredo LCC 12V DC wallpack fixture utilizes lensed LEDs for maximum performance and spacing.

Fixture: Hubbell Outdoor Laredo LCC 12V DC
Mounting Height: 8 ft
Lumens: 820

Floodlight application performance

The Hubbell Outdoor Laramie LFS LED 12V DC available in narrow, medium or wide flood lighting applications.

Fixture: Hubbell Outdoor Laramie LFS LED 12V DC
Three beams: NEMA 6x6, 4x4, 1x1
Lumens: 809 Wide, 888 Medium, , 908 Narrow
IES files: lfs12lD5kw.ies, lfs12LD5km.ies, lfs12lD5kn.ies

Walkway application performance

The stylish Spaulding Lighting Tempe LED Bollards available in round or square styles, featuring distinct cast aluminum ribbed design tops.

Fixture: Tempe LED Bollard
Mounting Height: 2.75 ft
Lumens: 1379 Asymmetric
IES file: TMR-24LU-5K-XX.IES
Fixture: Tempe LED Bollard
Mounting Height: 2.75 ft
Lumens: 2341 Symmetric
IES file: TMR-24LU-5K-XX.IES

Roadway application performance

The Hubbell Outdoor LED Roadway 12V DC meets RP-8 2007 guidelines for local applications while utilizing LED advantages of better uniformity and eliminating hot spots. This off the grid lighting solution provides low maintenance and energy savings with long life LEDs.

Fixture: Hubbell Outdoor LED Roadway 12V DC
Mounting Height: 18 ft
Lumens: 2710
IES file: RMCT-30L-D-5K.IES

ROADWAY RP-8 - Roadway Illuminance Guidelines

Illumination guidelines and standards for roadway illumination have several variables and characteristics to consider. Below is a table outlining footcandle readings published by the IESNA for roadway applications.

Illuminance Method: (RP-8) Recommended Minimum Maintained Average lux (fc)
Application Pavement Classification
lux (fc)
Uniform Illuminance Veiling luminance Ration
Roadway Type Pedestrian Conflict Area R1 R2/R3 R4 E avg/ E min Lv max/L avg
Local High 6 (0.6) 9 (0.9) 8 (0.8) 6.0 0.4
Medium 5 (0.5) 7 (0.7) 6 (0.6) 6.0 0.4
Low 3 (0.3) 4 (0.4) 4 (0.4) 6.0 0.4
Based on current IESNA guidelines

Area/site application performance

Spaulding Lighting’s CR1 12V DC area/site lighters is a perfect fit for parking area and site applications in areas with abundant solar energy and remote applications. The CR1 utilizes the off the grid lighting solution with low maintenance and energy savings. State-of-the art LEDs provide better uniformity and elimination hot spots.

Fixture: Spaulding Lighting CR1 LED 12V DC
Mounting Height: 14 ft
Lumens: 2710
IES file: CR1D-30LD-5K.IES