The sharp prisms capable on the door allow spacings of 6 times typical mounting heights of 12-15ft. Energy-saving 69w LED and HID systems up to 150w..


  • Use for wall mount perimeter lighting. Provides safety, security and identity illumination. Typical mounting is 12-15ft with typical spacing of 60-75ft.


  • Energy-saving 69w LED and HID systems up to 150w (50hz ballastry available)
  • One-piece polycarbonate lens, internally painted for lasting appearance. 6 to 1 spacing to mounting height ratio. Two HubbellGard® fastners provide weathertight seal to housing. Door hinges and is removable.
  • Housing is die cast aluminum for rugged mounting and heat dissipation. 1/2" feed-thru side hubs provided and top photocontrol hub for easy field installation. Standard mount is over recessed wiring boxes.
  • Specular reflector, vertical lamp and refractor combine for efficient and uniform perimeter lighting. Max wattage is 150PS or 150HPS. 50HZ ballastry available.
  • Socket is porcelain medium base with spring-loaded center contact.


  • CSA
  • Wet listed